Takashi Kako 40th Anniversary CD, 2 Titles Simultaneously Release !

-2013.04.24 Release-



The best album of ultimate !
Item Number: AVCL-25774-5 / Price: ¥3,150(tax incl.) / Wed, April 24 2013 Release


Anthology Album
The 40th Anniversary of Paris Debut.

[Track List]
01 Paradox Piano Solo 07
The Great White Tower
02 Night Music 01 Poésie 09 Phoenix
03 Dodéc 02 Messenger of the Autumn Film Music
04 Micro Worlds 03 El Viento De Gibraltar 10
A Single Drop of Water in a Mighty River
05 11 Rue Titon 04 Aqua Blue 12 Waltz with the Wind
06 Jardin de Monastère TV Music 13 The Professor and his Beloved Equation
-Love Theme-
07 Scrawl 05 Is Paris Burning 14 Best Wishes for Tomorrow
  06 Waltz in the Evening Glow 14 Saigo no Chushingura
-Just a Dream-


New Recording of Takashi Kako Quartet !
Item Number: AVCL-25776 / Price: ¥3,150(tax incl.) / Wed, April 24 2013 Release


The Representative Works Part 2 of Takashi Kako.

[Track List]
Track Title   Track Title
01 Requiem 07 Waltz with the Wind
02 Miracle in the Battle of Saipan 08 Flower and Insect
03 Poésie 09 Atelier with Water Lilies
04 Tempest 10 Alone
05 A Quilt House 11 The Third World
06 Eiketsu no Asa
(The Morning of Last Farewell)
12 City Veiled in Mist
Performance: Takashi Kako Quartet
Takashi Kako[Piano], Mariko Aikawa[Violin],
Kaori Minami[Viola], Akio Ueki[Cello]

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