Takashi Kako Quartet 10th Anniversary Concert -The Century In Moving Images Suite-

“Takashi Kako Quartet 10th Anniversary Concert” Notice of Postponement of Performance Due to State of Emergency Declaration

Thank you for supporting Takashi Kako.

“Takashi Kako Quartet 10th Anniversary Concert -The Century In Moving Images Suite-” is scheduled to be held in Aichi (at MS&AD Shirakawa Hall) on Sat, 22nd May and in Osaka (at Izumi Hall) on Sat, 29th May, but these two performances has been postponed due to the “Emergency Declaration” announced by the japanese government.
The rescheduled performance date for the postponement of the performance has been decided, so please check it.

[Information on rescheduled performance]
Aichi (at MS&AD Shirakawa Hall) on Sat, 22nd May
⇒New schedule: Sun, 12th December 2021, Aichi (at MS&AD Shirakawa Hall), Start 2:00 PM (Open 1:30 PM)

Osaka (at Izumi Hall) on Sat, 29th May
⇒New schedule: Fri, 10th December 2021, Osaka (at Izumi Hall), Start 6:30 PM (Open 6:00 PM)

The tickets for the performance you currently have, you can use your ticket as it is for the rescheduled performance.
The seat number shown will be valid as it is, so please keep it until the day of the performance so that you do not lose it.
In addition, refunds will be accepted for customers who have difficulty attending the above rescheduled performances.
Please be sure to check the following and complete the procedure within the period.

[For refund of the ticket]
Refund period: From “10:00 AM on Thu, 20th May 2021” through “11:59 PM on Wed, 30th June 2021”

For details on refunds, please see the URL below.
* Tickets will be collected at the time of refund.
* Please note that the refund deadline may vary depending on the store’s business hours.
* Refunds will not be possible after the refund period, so please be sure to complete the refund procedure during the period.
* Please be sure to contact the ticket agency you purchased for refund methods.

[Refund details URL] * Please check the details of each venue as it varies depending on the venue.
• Customers with tickets for Sat, 22th May (Aichi, MS&AD Shirakawa Hall)
CHUKYO TV ENTERPRISE: https://cte.jp/kako2021/

• Customers with tickets for Sat, 29th May (Osaka, Izumi Hall)
KYODO INFORMATION: https://kyodo-osaka.co.jp/search/detail/2476

We deeply apologize for the information just before the performance, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We pray for the settlement of the situation as soon as possible and for your safety.