live image Charity Concert

emotional & relaxing

More than a month after the earthquake, the evacuation life has been prolonged, and the mental care of the victims has become a problem.
I wondered what the performers and staff of live image could do, and decided to hold a reconstruction support concert because everyone wanted to deliver the vitamins of their hearts to the disaster area.
And as a support for the victims, we will broadcast the concert live to the evacuation center free of charge.
In addition, the proceeds from the performance will be donated the instrument to schools in the disaster area.
I would like many people to visit the venue.


Date and Time
Sat, 14th May 2011, Start 12:00 PM (Open 11:30 AM)
Tokyo, Auditorium of Aoyama Gakuin Access
All seats reserved, Tax included, It is not possible to admission of preschoolers.
KYODO TOKYO 0943-22-5332


Takashi Kako Quartet(Pf. Vn. Va. Vc.), Ryota Komatsu(Bn.), GONTITI(Ag. duo), NAOTO(Vn.), Taro Hakase(Vn.), Takefumi Haketa(Pf.), Suguru Matsutani(Pf.), Emiri Miyamoto(Vn.)