"Takashi Kako is without a doubt the finest pianist in France.
His remearkable sense of harmony and ability to color the music bring his piano to the ranks of the orchestral.
What is more, his rare faculty for weaving melodic lines with sharply balanced contours is indeed a singular accomplishment."

Mauricc GourgucsJAZZ MAGAZINE (France)

"Music plays a fundamental role in the paintings of Paul Klee...
The Japanese pianist Takashi Kako has devoted a whole album to 12 paintings put to music.
The result is translucent, spine tingling and admirably close to the sensibility of the works.
Kako’s fingers deliver to our ears an emotional reading of the paintings, playing up the connections between the two."

Paul GoupilLE MONDE DE LA MUSIQUE (France)

"Kako takes a very visual approach to his music ; his compositions seem designed to paint a piccture.
While the piano seems to be an instrument whose notes cannot be bent or changed, Kako understands how to elicit unexpcted sounds."

Mark MosesTHE JAPAN TIMES (Japan)

"Kako uses fluid, expressive colors in a remarkable combination of classical technique and improvisation."


"Radiant, mystic, excessive, warm, tender, expressive,extravagant, fearless, organic, philosophical, spirited, precious, confessional, melancholic, self-absorbed, directerd, romantic,...
Takashi Kako’s solo piano sounds like everything, even one note can be profound, like a Zen monk’s word."

Hitomi SuzukiTHE DALLY YOMIURI (Japan)

"The audience watched the performance breathlessly.
The performance closed with standing ovations and very enthusiastic applause...
This joint performance of two great artist, dancer Ismael Ivo and pianist Takashi Kako, was a fascinating, new creation, whiich impressed every person who viewed it."

Lorcnz TomeriusBERLINER MORGENPOST (Germany)