Takashi Kako Solo Concert 2019 -Piano and I-

In recent years, quartet, co-starring with orchestra, music with images, etc. have continued, but in 2019, we will have a solo concert for the first time in a long time.
"Piano Solo" is the way Takashi Kako returns to the origin.
A piano that can express oneself to the fullest and is inseparable from Takashi Kako's life.
The subtitle of the 2019 concert has been decided to be "Piano and I".
Also, when holding this concert, there were some parts that made me want to slightly modify the original musical composition of some songs.
The contents of the latest version by "Composer Takashi Kako" will be unveiled.


Date and Time
Sat, 11th May 2019, Start 2:00 PM (Open 1:30 PM)
Suntory Hall Access
All seats reserved, Tax included, It is not possible to admission of preschoolers.
KYODO TOKYO 0570-550-799
Takashi Kako Solo Concert 2019 -Piano and I- flyer Takashi Kako Solo Concert 2019 -Piano and I- flyer
Takashi Kako Solo Concert 2019 -Piano and I-, Details of all performances

Aichi, Tokyo, Takasaki, Sapporo, Osaka

 DateStart (Open)TicketInquiry
[Aichi]Nagoya City Art Creation CenterMon, 6th May 20192:00 PM (1:30 PM)All seats reserved ¥6,500CHUKYO TV ENTERPRISE 052-588-4477
[Tokyo]Suntory Hall Sat, 11th May 20192:00 PM (1:30 PM)All seats reserved ¥6,500KYODO TOKYO 0570-550-799
[Gunma]Takasaki City Cultural CenterSun, 12th May 20193:00 PM (2:30 PM)All seats reserved ¥6,500KiRYU ONKYO 0277-53-3133
[Hokkaido]Sapporo Concert Hall KitaraSat, 8th June 20191:30 PM (1:00 PM)All seats reserved ¥6,500office ONE 011-612-8696
[Osaka]Izumi HallSat, 22nd June 20192:00 PM (1:30 PM)All seats reserved ¥6,500KYODO INFORMATION 0570-200-888


  • Piano: Takashi Kako

Musical Program

From "Plelude de l'eau" - Ⅰ: Le Temple De L'eau Ⅱ: Au Coeur De La Nuit Ⅲ: Passion Ⅳ: La Plage Des Enfants Ⅴ: L'etoile, dans la nuit des temps immemoriaux / El Viento De Gibraltar / Waltz in the Evening Glow / Chiri Tsubaki (Samurai's Promise) / White Nile / Valse Nostalgique / Is Paris Burning / Poesie (Greensleeves) / Others

∗ Musical program is subject to change.