Takashi Kako Quartet 10th Anniversary Concert -The Century In Moving Images Suite-

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The schedule and venue for “Takashi Kako Quartet 10th Anniversary Concert -The Century In Moving Images Suite-” scheduled for Sun, 13th June at Suntory Hall in Tokyo has been changed as follows.

[Information on rescheduled performance]
Tokyo (at Suntory Hall) on Sun, 13th June
⇒New schedule (* The venue will be changed.): Fri, 24th December 2021, Tokyo (at Bunkamura Orchard Hall), Start 6:30 PM (Open 5:45 PM)
Tickets: \7,150
* It is not possible to admission of preschoolers.
Performers: Takashi Kako Quartet
Takashi Kako (Pf.), Mariko Aikawa (Vn.), Kaori Minami (Va.), Akio Ueki (Vc.)

• Inquiry: KYODO TOKYO, 0570-550-799
• Ticket re-release date: From 10:00 on Sat, 10th July 2021
• Ticket Agency:
 KYODO TOKYO: 0570-550-799 (Electronic ticket / Paper ticket)
 e+: http://eplus.jp/ (Electronic ticket / Paper ticket)
 TICKET PIA: 0570-02-9999 (P-code: 199-488)(Electronic ticket / Paper ticket)
 LAWSON TICKET: https://l-tike.com (L-code: 35710)(Electronic ticket / Paper ticket)
 CN PLAYGUIDE: 0570-08-9999
 RAKUTEN TICKET: https://ticket.rakuten.co.jp

[Customers who wish to purchase this ticket again from the Suntory Hall ticket on 13th June]
• Customers who reserve in the fan club “Verseau”
The Takashi Kako fan club “Verseau” secretariat will contact you.
• Customers who book tickets for Suntory Hall performances online
From the ticket agency at the time of purchase, we will contact you by e-mail to inform you of priority reservations.
• Customers who booked tickets for Suntory Hall performances by calling the ticket agency
Information on priority reservations will be made at Kyodo Tokyo.
Please have your ticket ready and contact us between Mon, 21st June and Wed, 30th June.
Please tell the telephone operator “Takashi Kako, request for priority reservation for postponed performance”.
Kyodo Tokyo: 0570-550-799 (Weekdays: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Saturdays & Sundays & holidays: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM)
* After making a reservation, your ticket will be refunded. Please check the refund details URL.

If you have a ticket for the Tokyo performance, the venue will change after rescheduled, so we will refund all customers. Please be sure to check the following and complete the procedure within the period.

[For refund of the ticket]
Refund period: From “10:00 AM on Thu, 10th June 2021” through “11:59 PM on Wed, 30th June 2021”

For details on refunds, please see the URL below.
* Tickets will be collected at the time of refund.
* Please note that the refund deadline may vary depending on the store’s business hours.
* Refunds will not be possible after the refund period, so please be sure to complete the refund procedure during the period.
* Please be sure to contact the ticket agency you purchased for refund methods.

[Refund details URL]
• Customers with tickets for Sun, 13th June (Tokyo, Suntory Hall)
KYODO TOKYO: http://kyodotokyo.com/kakotakashi
* If you purchased from Takashi Kako Fan Club Verseau, please wait for the contact from the secretariat.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
We pray for the settlement of the situation as soon as possible and for your safety.