Everest: Goddess of the Sky OST

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¥2,750 (tax included)
Release Date
9th March 2016
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avex-CLASSICS (Artist Page)

The inevitable blockbuster "Everest: Goddess of the Sky" was shot in Everest, Nepal.
Takashi Kako, who has worked on the music for NHK Special "THE CENTURY IN MOVING IMAGES" and is gaining increasing attention, is in charge of the music.
The magnificent scale world view is expressed by the music unique to Kako that makes full use of the magnificent sound of the orchestra.

Everest: Goddess of the Sky OST
 Music Title
01Everest: Goddess of the Sky ∼ Opening Title
03Lullaby of Everest -Prologue-
05Byoubu Iwa
07Yashin Part.1
09Be The Wind of Everest -At Grandes Jorasses-
10Nanseiheki heno Akogare
11Yashin Part.2
12Lullaby of Everest -Kathmandu-
13Rou Sherpa
14Be The Wind of Everest -Destiny-
15Yashin Part.3
16Kamigami ni Inoru
18Be The Wind of Everest -Superhuman-
19Zile no Shinjitsu
20Suichoku no Hyouheki
21Semari Kuru Arashi
22Meguru Omoi
23Lullaby of Everest -Reunion-
24Kiken na Jikan
25Be The Wind of Everest -In the Shade of a Rock-
26Lullaby of Everest -Return-
28Lullaby of Everest -Wind version-

All Tracks Composed by Takashi Kako except Track13
Track02, 07, 11, 15, 17, 27 Arranged by Shu Kanematsu
Track12 Arranged by Pancha Lama
Track13 Composed by Pancha Lama and Shu Kanematsu