QUARTET / Takashi Kako Quartet

Product Number
¥3,143 (tax included)
Release Date
22nd September 2010
Label, Publisher
avex-CLASSICS (Artist Page)

The debut album of Takashi Kako Quartet, which covers all the masterpieces!

It enables maximum musical expression with the minimum number of people, and four performers play the role of soloist who makes the best use of the individuality of each instrument, and at the same time realize the best sense of unity as an ensemble.
- Takashi Kako -

QUARTET / Takashi Kako Quartet
 Music Title
01Respective Seas
02Saigo no Chushingura (The Last Ronin) ∼ Yume Naredo
03Waltz in the Evening Glow
04Elegy of a Summer Day
05Is Paris Burning
06Hakase no Aishita Sushiki (The Housekeeper and the Professor) ∼ Love Theme
07Fragment of Life
08Ashita e no yuigon (Best Wishes for Tomorrow)
09Kumano Kodo

Takashi Kako QUARTET
Takashi Kako (piano), Mariko Aikawa (violin), Kaori Minami (viola), Akio Ueki (cello)