QUARTET Ⅲ "The Century In Moving Images Suite" / Takashi Kako Quartet

Product Number
¥3,300 (tax included)
Release Date
19th May 2021
Label, Publisher
avex-CLASSICS (Artist Page)

Reconstructing the music of Takashi Kako's masterpiece "The Century In Moving Images" for the quartet!
Many masterpieces such as "Is Paris Burning" create a new impression with the dignified and beautiful piano of Takashi Kako and the ideal strings sound that harmonizes transparency and lyricism.

 Music Title
01Is Paris Burning ∼ Opening
02Divine Passacaglia
04Is Paris Burning ∼ Interlude
05Milestone in Time
06The Money Dances
07Beyond Love and Hatred
08Black Mist
09Is Paris Burning ∼ Piano Solo
10The Third World
11Atelier with Water Lilies
12Is Paris Burning ∼ Ending
13Flowers Bloom and Wither Gracefully
14Ave Maria

Takashi Kako QUARTET
Takashi Kako (piano), Mariko Aikawa (violin), Kaori Minami (viola), Akio Ueki (cello)
Recording: 26th–28th April 2017 at Salamanca Hall