Wind Orchestra Arrangement, Symphonic Poem "Spring" ∼ Homage To Flowers

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Release Date
15th May 2013
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It is an arrangement from the parts of Chapter 1, Chapter 6, and Chapter 7 of the music consisting of 7 movements.
It is a music that feels various colors, such as a supple and flower-like part in the wind, a gorgeous and powerful part, and a part where you feel dreams and hopes.

Music Title
Symphonic Poem "Spring" ∼ Homage To Flowers [Wind orchestra arrangement version]

This is a new attempt to arrange many masterpieces of Takashi Kako for brass band without using the piano. Music score and CD will be released at the same time.
The world of Takashi Kako played by the wind orchestra, which not only brass band lovers but also music fans have been waiting for.
Organization: Wind Orchestra [Large organization]
Composition: Takashi Kako
Arrangement: Kyosei Yamamoto
Recording CD: Takashi Kako on Wind Orchestra
(Conductor: Tsutomu Kako / Performance: Toho University of Music Wind Orchestra Special Unit)

Wind Orchestra Arrangement, Symphonic Poem