Takashi Kako Quartet 2011

The "Beautiful to the ears and eyes" stage that was acclaimed at the debut concert. That impression again!

The quartet has evolved further in the second year.
It is a supreme ensemble by four soloists.


Date and Time
Fri, 23rd December 2011, Start 2:30 PM (Open 2:00 PM)
Kioi Hall Access
All seats reserved, Tax included, It is not possible to admission of preschoolers.
KYODO TOKYO 0570-064-708
Takashi Kako Quartet 2011 flyer
Takashi Kako Quartet 2011, Details of all performances
 DateStart (Open)TicketInquiry
[Fukushima]Fukushima City Concert HallSat, 1st October 20112:00 PM (1:00 PM)All seats reservedS-Seats ¥4,000A-Seats ¥3,000Fukushima City Concert Hall 024-531-6221
[Osaka]Izumi HallSun, 9th October 20113:00 PM (2:30 PM)All seats reserved ¥6,300KYODO INFORMATION 06-7732-8888
[Nagoya]MS&AD Shirakawa HallMon, 10th October 20112:30 PM (2:00 PM)All seats reservedS-Seats ¥6,800A-Seats ¥6,300B-Seats ¥5,800学生 ¥3,000CHUKYO TV ENTERPRISE 052-957-3333
[Ehime]Uchiko-zaSun, 23rd October 20114:00 PM (3:30 PM)All seats non-reserved ¥4,000Uchiko Town Hall 0893-44-2118
[Sapporo]Sapporo Concert Hall KitaraSat, 29th October 20113:00 PM (2:30 PM)All seats reserved ¥6,300office ONE 011-612-8696
[Kanazawa]Hokkoku Shimbun Akabane HallFri, 11th November 20117:00 PM (6:30 PM)All seats reserved ¥5,800Hokkoku Arts Promotion Foundation 076-260-3555
[Iwate]Morioka Civic Cultural HallSun, 11th December 20113:00 PM (2:30 PM)All seats reservedS-Seats ¥4,900A-Seats ¥3,800Menkoi-TV 019-656-3300
[Tokyo]Kioi HallFri, 23rd December 20112:30 PM (2:00 PM)All seats reserved ¥6,298KYODO TOKYO 0570-064-708


Musical Program

Three Waltz (Waltz in the Evening Glow and Others) / Taiheiyou no Kiseki (Oba: The Last Samurai) ∼ Theme / Masyu-ko / El Viento De Gibraltar / Motherless Child / Is Paris Burning Suite -Quartet version- / Others

∗ Musical program is subject to change.