Takashi Kako Quartet 'THE QUARTET -Is Paris Burning-'

This year is the 10th anniversary of the formation of Takashi Kako Quartet, but due to the influence of COVID-19, the concert was postponed one after another, and the concert was realized only at Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge.
Please enjoy the precious live performance.


Date and Time
Sat, 7th November 2020, Start 3:00 PM (Open 2:30 PM)
Sun, 8th November 2020, Start 3:00 PM (Open 2:30 PM)
Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge Access
Concert only, ¥9,500
Staying pack, ¥29,300–
All seats reserved, Tax included, It is not possible to admission of preschoolers.
Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge 0267-98-2131

This concert will be held in accordance with the guidelines of each venue and local government, after taking measures to prevent infection and spread of the COVID-19.

Takashi Kako Quartet 'THE QUARTET -Is Paris Burning-' image


Musical Program

Part1: Best melody selection
Waltz in the Evening Glow / Shiroi Kyotou (The Great White Tower) / Respective Seas / Tempest / Kumano Kodo / Taiga no Itteki (A Single Drop of Water in a Mighty River) / Others
Part2: Is Paris Burning -The Century In Moving Images Suite-
Is Paris Burning / Divine Passacaglia / Cinematograph / Milestone in Time / Atelier with Water Lilies / Beyond Love and Hatred / Others

∗ Musical program is subject to change.